Tidal Diamond 504 – RNLI, Galley, Volunteers, Cruiser News

Tidal Diamond No. 504

RNLI Visit TSC Friday 1st April 7.30pm


along to the free event (evening before cruiser launch weekend) and get your life jacket checked by a professional RNLI member for free. Please show your support of the RNLI and club.

Steve Francis
Social Secretary

Galley Sunday’s


and including, April 3rd the galley will be open on the first Sunday of every month with an enhanced menu with dessert. Although there will be some “on the day” availability we would appreciate it if you booked your place by email socialsec by Wednesday 30th March.

Steve Francis
Social Secretary

Galley & BBQ volunteers

I desperately need people to volunteer for galley and BBQ duties this year. As it stands there are no volunteers for most of these duties. ( thank you to the few who have volunteered). Please do not leave it to someone else to volunteer. YOU are the someone else! Without volunteers then the galley will not open and the various events will have no food provided.

Please do not leave it until renewals to try and find duty hours. If you would like to know more about what these duties entail or would like to volunteer please contact me as soon as possible.

Steve Francis
Social Secretary

Start of Season Cruise

For the Start Of Season Cruise this year, we plan to head round to Chichester Marina for the weekend of 16th & 17th April (Cinabbar will probably be going round on the Friday afternoon, possibly stopping at Bosham for the night, weather permitting).

Unless there is significant interest, there is not much point booking spaces in the marina this early in the season, but I will see about a meal at the (Chichester) sailing club if people let me know in time.

Roger Smith
Cruiser Captain

Gould Trophy

It is only a month to go before the first out of harbour cruiser race down to Lymington & back over the weekend of the early May bank holiday (30th April – 2nd May). As in previous years I will book a meal on the Saturday evening – probably the Kings Head, just up from the quay unless anyone has any other good recommendations. It would be great to see the sort of numbers we used to see – you don’t have to take it seriously if you don’t want to race, but it would be nice to have the town quay filled with Tudor boats again. If anyone is interested in crewing for the race, I am sure a boat can be found that would like a crew – just let me know or ask around the cruiser folk.

Roger Smith
Cruiser Captain

Diary Dates

Social Events Sailing Events
RNLI evening speaker & life jacket check April 1 Cruiser Launch April 2nd / 3rd
RYA Push the Boat Out May 21st Compound Reorganisation April 9th
Langstone Harbour Race Weekend June 3rd – 5th Saturday Series 3 & 4 April 9th
Family Fun Day June 25th Spring Series 2 April 10th
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