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Social News

It is our 70th Anniversary at Tudor Sailing Club on 31st August so come along and celebrate with friends.
Tickets are now available on Webcollect please book as soon as possible!

[See attached posters for details of this and the Beer Festival].

Wendy Jones
Social Secretary

Rowing News

On Friday 16th August the rowing section will be bringing two indoor rowing machines down to the club in the afternoon to coincide with Friendly Friday. The machines are two Concept 2 rowers, which are the top machines used by rowing clubs and gyms worldwide, and on which the Indoor World Championships, and British Indoor Championships are rowed. These will be available from 18:00.

If you’ve not yet tried rowing and can’t be bothered with all the fuss of getting the boats out why not come down and give it a try – for a short session there’s no reason to break sweat, and you just might find that you enjoy it!

We’ll also have gigs available for those who’ve thought about rowing but not yet tried it. Rowing is considered one of the best all round exercises for both aerobic and strength training, and to be able to it, located as we are, in a beautiful natural harbour full of wildlife is an amazing experience all year round.

We are getting more and more regular rowers but would like to encourage others to give it a try. A morning row will normally consist of a trip to one of the coffee stops around our near shores – and there are several if you know where to look, as diverse as Port Solent, The Coffee Cup, Southsea Marina, Hayling Bridge and others – and return to the club. Trip lengths are adjusted according to time available and the desires and abilities of the rowers. A late afternoon or early evening row can be even more attractive; think The Thatched House, The Ferryman or The Ship at Langstone!

We are planning to fire up the BBQ from around 18:30 so please come down on Friday with a pair of beach shoes or boots, and a T-shirt and give it a go either on dry land or afloat and see what rowing is all about. Or just come down, enjoy the BBQ and a shandy and watch other folk huffing and puffing and turning puce.

Donald Heath
Rowing Captain

Compound Audit

Dear Members,

We are trying to tidy / audit contents of the two Tudor Compounds. This includes all Dinghies, Tenders, Kayaks and large pieces of wood for Cruisers. There are currently several vessels that are not named or worse still mis-named! There are even boats that have still not got stickers on!

This makes the Compound Bosun’s job difficult and very frustrating and indeed uses up more ‘maintenance hours’.

Please take time to go down and check that your vessel is named and its trolley (if app) is in good order.

If you know of any anomalies with your boat then please advise bosun a.s.a.p.

Some members are still treating the compound as somewhere to dump rubbish – this is not fair and costs us money. Please take your rubbish home.

Many thanks,

Linda Vacher

Lost & Found

A watch has been found on club premises, if you may be the owner or may know who the owner is please contact Ian DuCane [contact number available from the TD Editor].

Paul Tansom
Tidal Diamond Editor

For Free

I have put a few bits in the clubhouse, ropes, buckets etc please help yourself. These will have to be ‘binned’ if no one wants them.

Linda Vacher

Diary Dates

Social Sailing
Friendly Friday Indoor Rowing August 16th 1800hrs Cadets on the Water August 14th 1830hrs
Tudor 70th Anniversary Social August 31st 1900hrs Women on the Water August 15th 1800hrs
Barts Bash BBQ September 14th 1400hrs Friendly Friday August 16th 1830hrs
Junior Regatta September 15th 1400hrs Ocean Village Cruise
/ Wild Goose Chase
August 17th –
/ 1300hrs
Cadets End of Season BBQ September 18th 1830hrs Binness Islands RNLI Race August 18th 1330hrs

Dinghy, Sailing, Cruiser

All contributions for Tidal Diamonds to me by 1400hrs on Tuesdays please; please allow plenty of time for emails to reach me. However exceptions will always be made for emergencies. Note: all content is automatically published on the Tudor website unless requested otherwise.

Paul Tansom

Tidal Diamond Editor
Tudor Sailing Club

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