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Call for work volunteers

Are you needing to top up your club maintenance hours? We need a volunteer to monitor and action the emptying of the sceptic tank on an ongoing basis. This job will fulfil all of your annual hours, simple process can be done to suit your lifestyle, contact maintenance.

Also during a hectic moment recently I arranged with a member to straighten the drop pins on the compound gates but cannot remember who it was! Who was it? Please remind me so that I know the job is in hand. (I know that part of this maintenance officer job is to be mocked. I can take it but try to be nice to me as I am old and fragile.)

Ian DuCane
Maintenance Officer


The Exec reflected on the feedback from the AGM and have decided not to pursue restrictions on vaping in the clubhouse or TSC grounds for the time being.

We would ask however that people continue to be considerate of others and refrain from vaping near others if asked.

We will review any feedback we receive over the coming year and if necessary bring the matter back to a future AGM

Tudor Sailing Club Exec

Half-term Race Training in Portsmouth

The Andrew Simpson Centre – Portsmouth are running a couple of days of Tera and Optimist race training over the February half-term and wondered whether any of your youth club members would be interested in joining us to develop their racing skills and have some fun over the school holidays!

Dates, information and booking links are listed below:

RS Tera training – 17th and 18th February (Teras can be provided or bring your own) https://asportsmouth.checkfront.co.uk/reserve/?item_id=284

Optimist training – 20th and 21st February (need to bring your own Oppie) https://asportsmouth.checkfront.co.uk/reserve/?item_id=285

Each of these training days are priced at £40 per day and run 10-4pm.

I have attached a PDF copy of the poster to advertise the training and wondered whether you would be able to distribute it amongst your youth members who may be interested?

If anyone has any questions, please direct them my way. I can be reached on this email (portsmouth) or by phone (02392 663873). We would love to have some of your club members join us for the training! Additionally, if there are any particular classes of boats that you would like us to provide training for during the school holidays in the future, please let us know as we are always happy to put this on if the demand is there!

BASh Choir- Beer And Shanties Choir- to Sing for ‘CALM’

Local choir director Rosa Malone will be leading a unique six-week singing project in preparation for a performance at the end of March in support of ‘CALM’ Campaign Against Living Miserably. CALM is leading a movement against suicide, the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK the and cause of eighteen deaths a day.

Rosa, who was raised in Petersfield and studied at Trinity College of Music, has been directing choirs, in Greece, including the Lefkas Shanty Men, for six years. She specialises in making choral singing fun, inspirational and open to all people, regardless of their experience. In addition to regular choir practices, Rosa runs singing retreats in the Greek Islands, holds online singing tutorials and regular workshops.

Rosa is putting together the BASh Choir- Beer And Shanties Choir- for blokes. The aim is to get guys together once a week for a couple of drinks and a few hearty songs. All of the music can be learned by ear, meaning that the group will be open to anyone, regardless of experience.

She said, “I love sea shanties. It’s very evocative music but the songs are also so accessible and easy to pick up. There is such a rich maritime tradition in the area, with so many people having links to the Navy or sailing, that it seemed like the perfect place to set up a one-off sea shanty choir. I hope that as a unique, short-term project without long-term commitment, this will be something a little bit different that guys could do with their mates, brothers or dads and it’s all for an excellent cause. It’ll be a great way to meet lots of like minded people, sharing the community experience, whilst improving your voice with a pint in hand!”

The six-week course will be held at Portchester Sailing Club, every Thursday, 7:30-9pm. Rosa will also be running a free taster session for people to come and see what it’s all about on 20/2/20. The fee for the whole project will be £40.

Information for booking and further details can be found at www.vocallibre.com and @VocalLibre on Facebook and Instagram.

Diary Dates

Icicle Series 4 February 23rd 1100hrs
Icicle Series 5 March 8th 1000hrs
Icicle Series 6 March22nd 1000hrs

Dinghy, Sailing, Cruiser

All contributions for Tidal Diamonds to me by 1400hrs on Tuesdays please; please allow plenty of time for emails to reach me. However exceptions will always be made for emergencies. Note: all content is automatically published on the Tudor website unless requested otherwise.

Paul Tansom

Tidal Diamond Editor
Tudor Sailing Club

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