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Bingo Winners

The social committee would like to thank all members that participated in the zoom bingo for helping to make it a fun and successful event. Well done to Sandy, Nikki, Chloe, Kay and Mike – your prizes will be with you shortly.

Having had a great response to the bingo, we are now planning our next zoom event and will let you know the details asap.

Denise Rogers
Social Secretary

Waiting for the Tide

With the details about the RYA Virtual Dinghy Show in last weeks Tidal Diamond, I though it worth adding a link to the RYA Cruising Conferece this week. Unfortunately it isn’t free for non-members (not sure why), but you could always join and count the conference fee as a discount?! You do get discounts at other suppliers as a member as well (end of membership plug!). The conference has a keynote on boating skills from Skip Novak, a section on current hot topics that impact boaters including how the RYA is representing you.There are breakout sessions on tides, weather, RYA, electronics, charts, calling for help, rope, radar and dinghy cruising:


On a completely different tack (sorry), I’ve had an email from Bernard Staniforth with some details about how he is keeping himself amused during lockdown. It sounds as though work on the boat (such as there can be without access to the club) isn’t going so well (I know that feeling), but he has sent me a couple of versions of an oil painting he has been working on. I’m including them as attachments with his question “What do the sailors think?”

I’m not going to say which is the first iteration and which is the one he is happier with, but I will note that both are far beyond my ability. I’m find with antifouling the bottom of Pimpernel! If anyone else has any lockdown stories they would like to share let me know.

Subs Reminder: You should have had an invoice sent through, if not get in touch so that can be sorted out. Either way, don’t forget to pay. Have faith that we will get out on the water at some point this year – and I’m sure when we do it will feel better than ever!

As ever, feel free to drop me an email at this address if you feeling isolated and cut off from the world. It is always nice to hear from members, and any ideas of things to include in the Tidal Diamonds would be most welcome.

Stay safe.

Paul Tansom
Tidal Diamond Editor

Useful Links

I thought it worth continuing to include a few useful links here as a handy place to find them if you haven’t already got them bookmarked:

Paul Tansom
Tidal Diamond Editor

Diary Dates

Social Sailing
More Soon Fingers Crossed
Current Club Activities
Dinghy sailing in company – contact dinghies for more details.
Cruiser sailing planning & info – contact commodore<a href="mailto:commodore for more details.
Rowing, questions about gigs, etc. – contact rowing for more details.
Women on the Water, weekly – contact wow for more details.

Dinghy, Sailing, Cruiser

All contributions for Tidal Diamonds to me by 1400hrs on Tuesdays please; please allow plenty of time for emails to reach me. However exceptions will always be made for emergencies. Note: all content is automatically published on the Tudor website unless requested otherwise.

Paul Tansom

Tidal Diamond Editor
Tudor Sailing Club

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