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  • Dinghy Section Update
  • Annual Maintenance for Club Gigs
  • Maintenance Hours
  • Low Water Dinghy Cruise
  • Waiting for the Tide
  • Useful Links
  • Diary Dates

Dinghy Section Update

Last Friday was the second sunset series race and we had 6 dinghies take part despite the light winds. Saturday saw the first organised dinghy cruise of the year take place with 12 dinghies taking part. Some of which had not been out much, if at all, this year. Thanks as ever to the members that have volunteered to be patrol helm, patrol crew, race officer or cruise leader. For future races and cruises to go ahead we still need members who are trained up to volunteer via Dutyman. If future events do not have enough volunteers 3 days prior to the event then the event will have to be cancelled. The sailing committee will be looking at running training once systems are in place and Covid restrictions allow.

This Friday is the first Friendly Friday of the year. If anyone is keen to learn how to rig the club boats on Friday then please drop me an email at dinghies. If you are wanting to go out sailing in company then please drop a message in the WhatsApp group of when you are planning on launching. If you are not on the dinghy WhatsApp group yet the please drop me an email with your mobile number.

Unfortunately Prior bay cruise on the 19th June will now be a low water cruise staying in the harbour. This is due to Marlin being out of action awaiting repairs that will not be finished in time for the cruise.

Mark Swallow
Dinghy Captain

Annual Maintenance for Club Gigs

Just to let everyone know that Rosie and Olive will be unavailable to hire from Saturday 12th June up to and including Sunday 20th June.

They will be ‘at the spa’ getting some well deserved pampering and essential maintenance.

It’s been wonderful to see Rosie and Olive out on the water in the past few weeks and having club members chat to us about trying out the gigs. They’ll be out again soon looking even more fabulous.

Jane Dare
Rowing Captain

Maintenance Hours

Gig maintenance and Gig/Kayak rack re-build

Hi All,

This coming weekend 12th/13th June it is planned to carry out maintenance work on the Gigs Rosie and Olive, also to dismantle the existing Kayak/Gig rack in the main compound prior to the construction of a new Kayak/Gig rack, also, depending on volunteers available, to carry out other club maintenance work such as replacing the rotted fascia over the club entrance, clearing weeds and overgrowth/undergrowth from the compound perimeter, replacing a “kicker” in the Galley, gloss painting to sliding doors in Ladies cloakroom etc.

This work is planned to commence at 1200hrs (after the normal Saturday morning rowing outings), and continue on an ad hoc basis with both boats being ready for use by Tuesday 15th June, it is anticipated that the new racking will be complete by 23rd June.

To this end it would be helpful if the owners of the Kayaks on this rack could unlock/remove them prior to this time, do not worry unduly if you cannot do this as we will be able to “free” them during the dismantling process. If you do remove them from the rack I would suggest that you secure them to the fence.

Any member wishing to do some maintenance hours on Saturday afternoon please contact me at maintenance. Please be aware that it might be a bit hectic with so many tasks at one time and I only have one brain to oversee it all so I am limiting the number of bodies required to approx. 15 or so??

If you are included please consider bringing overalls or work attire, I will supply any specialist tools but if you have the basics (hammer, adjustable spanner, jemmy, cordless drill/driver etc,) then bring them along.

Should be fun.

Best regards

Ian DuCane
Maintenance Officer

Low Water Dinghy Cruise

Glorious sunshine greeted the twelve boats which turned out for the Low Water Dinghy Cruise last Saturday, including two new members, Crissie (actually a returning member) sailing her recently acquired Streaker (a lively boat) for the first time and Phil in his Scow. The wind was quite brisk making for some challenging but ultimately satisfying sailing. The downwind sail in Sinah Lake caused unplanned swims for two crews but all recovered and carried on to the Landing Craft in good spirits. Leaving here we had one of the fastest transits of Rod Rythe that I can recall, emerging near Rod buoy. Then the hard work, a beat down the Langstone Channel and around to a landing on Sword Sands. A sincere thank you to Iain and Ilker in the rib for supporting the cruise and attending where required (they know what I mean!). Some photos are attached from the afternoon’s sailing: the Streaker, the Scow, waiting for the fleet to regroup near the Landing Craft wreck, fast downwind sailing in Sinah Lake and passing one of the green perches in Rod Rythe.

Neil Boyce

Waiting for the Tide

With all this activity at low water I’m not so sure as people are actually waiting for the tide, but then some of my favourite days in Langstone are on “Sword Sands tides”. Anyway, to round off this week a couple of smaller items that have been sent in:

  • Catmaran Hazard – I would point out a hazard to all dinghies and Kayaks, there is a cruiser catamaran moored near the Mulbery Harbour and although it may appear to be just another benign moored boat if by some error of judgement the tide put your boat between the hulls you would be in serious danger and I recommend keeping exceptionally well clear of its bow. Ian Ducane
  • Galley Training – galley training is available on Wednesday 16th for anyone interested in doing some galley duties after restrictions have been lifted. Please contact Denise Rogers (socialsec)

As ever, feel free to drop me an email at this address. No need to be feeling isolated and cut off from the world to do so, it is always nice to hear from members. Any ideas of things to include in the Tidal Diamonds would be most welcome.

Let’s be careful out there.

Paul Tansom
Tidal Diamond Editor

Useful Links

I thought it worth continuing to include a few useful links here as a handy place to find them if you haven’t already got them bookmarked:

Paul Tansom
Tidal Diamond Editor

Diary Dates

Social Sailing
Bar Open, Friendly Fridays June 11th 1800hrs Cadets on the Water June 9th 1800hrs
Bar Open, Friendly Fridays June 18th 1800hrs Women on the Water June 10th 1730hrs
Introduction to Rowing June 10th 1800hrs
Race Night at Friendly Friday June 11th 1800hrs
Watch this Space Saturday Series 3 & 4 June 12th 1300hrs
Sunday Series 1 June 13th 1400hrs
Introduction to Rowing June 15th 1800hrs
Club Activities
Dinghy sailing in company (WhatsApp group) – contact dinghies for more details.
Cruiser sailing planning & info (WhatsApp group) – contact commodore<a href="mailto:commodore for more details.
Rowing, new and experienced rowers are always welcome to join us –
contact rowing for more details. Gigs are also available for hire here.
Women on the Water, weekly – contact wow for more details.

Dinghy, Sailing, Cruiser

All contributions for Tidal Diamonds to me by 1400hrs on Tuesdays please; please allow plenty of time for emails to reach me. However exceptions will always be made for emergencies. Note: all content is automatically published on the Tudor website unless requested otherwise.

Paul Tansom

Tidal Diamond Editor
Tudor Sailing Club

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