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Tidal Diamond 814

  • Galley Training
  • Lighting up Langstone Harbour
  • Friday Fun with the Rowers
  • Dinghy Section Meeting
  • New Slipway
  • Waiting for the Tide
  • Maintenance Jobs
  • Useful Links
  • Diary Dates

Galley Training on Thursday 4th November at the Clubhouse at 6pm

There will be the opportunity to have galley training at TSC this Thursday 4th November at 6pm for anyone who would like training and duty hours. Please can you request galley training on Dutyman so that you will be added to the list and be eligible for duty hours in the galley once training has been completed. If you have any questions or problem accessing Dutyman please just come along at 6pm on Thursday and we will endeavour to sort them out.

Denise Rogers
Social Secretary

Lighting up Langstone Harbour

No two rows are ever the same, but one of our favourites is lighting up the gigs and taking a gentle row out to watch the fireworks. From the cold, quiet of the harbour it can be quite a light show.

This Friday November 5th we’ll have six full gigs out on the water, and then back to the clubhouse for a jacket potato and open bar.

As always, everyone at the club is welcome to join us for food. We aim to be back by 8 (sooner if the weather not great) but the bar will be open earlier.

Pre order of food is recommended, and the web collect link is below. Really hope to see lots of you there.


Jane Dare
Rowing Captain

Fun Friday with the Rowers

The clubhouse will be open to all members on Friday 5th November from 7pm until late. The rowers will be out watching fireworks on the water then returning to the club house for a fun social evening. Jacket potatoes will be served with a variety of fillings from the galley at a cost of £4. If you want to come and join in the revelry and maybe see some fireworks from the clubhouse grounds please book on Webcollect, the more the merrier!

Denise Rogers
Social Secretary

Dinghy Section Meeting

On Friday 5th November there will be a dinghy section meeting in the clubhouse. The meeting will start at around 7:30pm and will be a fairly informal affair. We will be discussing this year and what sailors would like to see in the calendar next year.

We will also be voting on the role of dinghy captain ahead of the nominations meeting on the 7th November. I am happy to carry on but I do welcome anyone who wants to take over the role.

Mark Swallow
Dinghy Captain

New Slipway

Having used our new slipway a few times and spoken to others who’ve done likewise I thought it would be useful to share some tips on its use. It’s a bit wider at the top, but also a bit steeper. To help with the steepness:

  • consider taking a breather half way and using wheel chocks or tying the painter to one of the chains to stop your boat rolling down the slip.
  • if you’re in a tender you can you unload some items first, before taking your tender up the slip?
  • fully inflated trolley tyres will make it a lot easier to move your boat up the slip.
  • is your trailer balanced and suitable for your craft?
  • ask for help from another member, I’m sure they’d be grateful themselves one day!
  • if you’re using a heavy dinghy like the Bosun’s tender consider going with a buddy. It will be safer on the water and easier to pull up the slip when you return.
  • remember, if you only need to go afloat for a short while consider going nearer high water! The walk will be shorter.
  • take care at the top of the slip as the drop from the sides is higher. The fencing helps with this but please take care.

If you have any other experiences or top tips then please let me know and I can share with other members.


Rob Waring
Vice Commodore

Waiting for the Tide

Well it’s all go on Friday with rowing, jackets and the dinghy section meeting. Top of this weeks notices is the galley training though, partly because it is the day before, but also without galley staff these events can’t be run – it’s also a great social way to cover your club duties.

It is probably also worth noting…

Nomination Meeting – this Sunday, 7th November 1400hrs

As ever, feel free to drop me an email at this address, it is always nice to hear from members. Any ideas of things to include in the Tidal Diamonds would be most welcome.

Let’s be careful out there.

Paul Tansom
Tidal Diamond Editor

Maintenance Jobs

Paul Tansom
Tidal Diamond Editor

Useful Links

I thought it worth continuing to include a few useful links here as a handy place to find them if you haven’t already got them bookmarked:

Paul Tansom
Tidal Diamond Editor

Diary Dates

Social Sailing
Friday Jackets November 5th 1900hrs Introduction to Rowing November 5th 1800hrs
Saturday Bar November 6th 1200hrs Dinghy Section Meeting November 5th 1930hrs
Nomination Meeting November 7th 1400hrs Introduction to Rowing November 6th 1100hrs
Saturday Bar November 13th 1200hrs Young Rowers November 6th 1100hrs
Saturday Bar November 20th 1200hrs Frostbite Series 2 November 7th 1200hrs
Club Activities
Dinghy racing -please use the following link to register and sign in to any dinghy racing event or series: dinghies for more details.
Cruiser sailing planning & info (WhatsApp group) – contact commodore<a href="mailto:commodore for more details.
Rowing, new and experienced rowers are always welcome to join us –
contact rowing for more details. Gigs are also available for hire here.
Women on the Water, weekly – contact wow for more details.

Dinghy, Sailing, Cruiser

All contributions for Tidal Diamonds to me by 1400hrs on Tuesdays please; please allow plenty of time for emails to reach me. However exceptions will always be made for emergencies. Note: all content is automatically published on the Tudor website unless requested otherwise.

Paul Tansom

Tidal Diamond Editor
Tudor Sailing Club

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